Price List, Orders and Enquiries


If you are unable to make it to market, please use the contact form below to enquire about deliveries before ordering.

How to Order 

Please complete the form below with your order by noon on Monday. Remember to include full address and any delivery details.

We prefer you to tell us what you want, rather than offering a "pick and mix" style veg box:

Please send us a list in the body of the contact form or email, with quantities indicated in whichever way works for you (weight/units/bunches/handfuls/

sizes/£worth etc). If you like, you can set an approximate total price and we'll adjust amounts accordingly. As delivery is still free within Glastonbury, we ask for a minimum order of £10. You can email each week, or set up a rolling weekly order. 

Payment is by BACS on delivery, no cash payments. 

Price List

Click on the pop-out icon on the image below to open this week's full range and prices

Catering and Bulk Orders

Catering orders, and orders of large quantities of anything need to be made by Thursday evening for delivery or collection from the stall on Tuesday. It's a good idea to get catering orders in even earlier if possible, to allow time to clear up any queries.

Please use the contact form below to order.

Catering and bulk orders receive a discount of 10-15% off the retail price, depending on order size.  

Contact Form

Please use this form for orders and enquiries. If you're having trouble with it or don't receive an acknowledgement then email