All our produce is from certified organic farms and suppliers, including Paddington Farm in Glastonbury, or from local, trusted growers who are committed to growing organically. Irradiation is not permitted under organic certification at any stage of production or transportation including import/export. Most of the seasonal British produce comes direct from local growers. Virtually all lines are sold loose and plastic-free. Healthy Start vouchers welcome.


The Market Stall continues to run in Glastonbury every Tuesday, in St Dunstan's car park (the Abbey/Town Hall car park).

Find us at the back of the car park, in front of the yellow house, serving from 8.30am - 2pm. 


Please continue to visit our market stall on Tuesdays in St Dunstan's car park, Glastonbury if you can. If you are unable to make it to market, please email us at orders@glastonburyfruitandveg.co.uk and we can let you know if we currently have availability.

You can set up a rolling weekly arrangement, or order each week. Orders can be itemised with quantities (kg/unit/bunch/handful/small/large/£worth etc), or a mix box of approximately £10/£15/£20/£30 etc. Payment is by BACS on delivery.

Please order via the Order Form on this website, by noon on Monday. If you are having trouble with the order form or don't receive an order acknowledgment by 5pm Monday, please email orders@glastonburyfruitandveg.co.uk